8 Graphic Design Trends Will Dominate In 2017

Similar to the web design, the graphics sector this year also noted trends such as the use of duotone images and hand-painted details. What are the remaining trends? Let’s explore them in today’s article!

Graphic design trends

1.The colors are bright and eye-catching

Over the years, many big technology companies have often chosen light, safe and easy-to-use tones to create “clean”, “delicate” designs. This is also to show viewers that the great, sophisticated elements they have seen in science fiction films seem to have come close.

But when everyone is so familiar with the typical Apple-style design, the color tones are no longer attractive. This year 2017 will see a revival in design, particularly from neutral colors such as white, gray and black to fresher, younger and more dynamic ones.

The colors are bright and eye-catching


One of the companies that has deployed this trend is Spotify. In fact, Spotify is also a leader in this innovation with impressive colors combined with carefully edited images to create designs that “strike the eye of the viewer.”


b.Material Design

Another factor that led designers to switch to bright colors was Google’s Material Design. Material Design focuses on flat design, carefully arranged and intuitive, so it has the tendency to choose brightly colored tones and fonts, images. Material Design has also inspired many other design trends this year.

This design has also become part of the Spotify brand, making the images of the company easy to recognize. And in times when people have to scramble for the “land” on the News Feed social network, the colorful colors can help your brand stand out among the crowd.

However, the design of the brand is not necessarily to completely remove the traditional color to turn bright colors. Sometimes just a little bit of light on a neutral background is enough to create a fresh spot for brands to be loyal to minimalism.

Material Design

2.Typography is more prominent

In order to create the instant attention of internet users when there is too much content around, designers choose large bold fonts to increase their appeal.

One of the most prominent examples of this is the Wired technology site, which blends boldly highlighted fonts to emphasize the title and makes the introduction more prominent than other parts.

Typography is more prominent

Another great use of fonts to attract social networking users is the HubSpot, with the big text between the frames, the images going aside:

Hubsport diamond partners analysis

In addition, the trend of viewing web / social networks with mobile screens with high resolution also increases the need to use bold font to read more easily.

Buffer also uses large headings in the middle of blog posts to help readers easily read on many devices, especially for long posts.

3.Google Font

Google has released a relatively large library of over 800 fonts that can easily fit into many screens, programs, devices, and even languages. The great thing is that all these fonts are FREE and extremely easy to use. The most commonly used Google fonts are Roboto and Open Sans.

Google Font

4.Proprietary photos

Along with the explosion of content in the past year, demand for illustrated images also increased rapidly. And to maximize the life cycle of a photo, people often take pictures that are very general for use in a variety of situations.

The downside of this is that the pictures … are used by billions of people. If you read the newspaper and use technology products, you may not be surprised to see such pictures:

Proprietary photos

They are used everywhere, from landing page to blog, header, even post on Instagram, Facebook. Therefore, the authenticity and uniqueness of these images is also greatly reduced.

If readers see such images hundreds of times everywhere, they will immediately think that the author of the blog / website is not interested in making their content unique and outstanding. Why must click to read?

That’s why you should use proprietary photos to represent your brand. You can take some interesting pictures at the office to upload as illustrations for the article.

Examples of employee images can be used as stock design for the company:

Proprietary photos

5.Hand-drawn images and hand-painted icons

In addition to using proprietary photos, many designers also use hand-drawn images / icons to assert their own style. While some people consider this trend “childish” and amateur, a group of designers have applied it to their large products, typically Dropbox. In addition to leaving the mark unmistakable, the hand-painted details also elicit … the user’s child’s mind and make the product easier to reach the user.

Hand drawn images and hand painted icons

The example below belongs to the Casper company:

The example below belongs to the Casper company

Moz also used interesting icons as illustrations in the blog post:

Moz also used interesting icons as illustrations in the blog post


If you have to describe minimalism with someone who is not in the design field, you may be referring to a lack of decoration that focuses on features or the use of neutral tones such as black, gray, white.

But it seems that the true spirit of minimalism has gradually disappeared with the tones like black and white. Many opinions even suspect that this is just the way designers compensate for the lack of graphics power on mobile devices.

By 2017, everything will change. When today’s mobile devices are as powerful as computers in terms of graphics processing power, minimalism will return to its roots with more color.

One of the leaders in this trend is the Medium blog with the change of logo from M white on a monotonous black background to a more light and angular logo, but still extremely minimalist.


Google also changed its minimal logo a few years ago and accidentally created many similar design trends.

In essence, all the elements of Google’s new logo are somewhat minimalistic, but because they are so different from many people’s definition of minimalism, the press does not even bother to mention it, while many others simply follow Google as they did.



Everybody loves animation because they support creating extremely effective expressions. Another advantage of GIFs is that they do not need any specific software to run, which can be embedded almost anywhere.

Therefore, GIF is preferable to video or images in most cases when the load time or data traffic is limited. GIF can also be used as illustrations to make your blogs / social networks more prominent, especially when you do not have proprietary photos.



Duotone is a combination of two different colors on the same image, which is usually bright or opposed. Of course using duotone images also requires a meticulous design and higher skills but the results are perfectly worth it.

Spotify is once again at the forefront of this trend with duotone design in most components of the brand identity. Other brands are also actively responding to this trend.



Many trends this year are triggered by the revolts of designers in an effort to break out the monotonous, overlapping elements that big tech companies have created over the years.

This year, we will see the design trends that represent all that we have done before, in creative ways, beautiful and breaking ways.

However, as with previous design trends, the new trend will still be the leading companies such as Spotify, Google, Apple… initiated. The good news is that thanks to their abundant resources and their ability to experiment with unlimited ideas, we are “enjoying” the best design trends.




How To Be A Good Designer

Many people still imagine that graphic design is a trendy job with high income, creative work. This is considered a career with the dream income because the demand of the market is still very “thirsty.”

In addition, with the style of working on the computer, in the office (air conditioner), or even the designers do not need a fixed place; they can still go to the coffee shop to work. The very cool elements that made the designer become a very HOT career today.

graphic design

1.What is Designer?

To this day, there is no precise and complete definition of the graphic design – the job “Picasso” in the digital realm. It can be said that graphic design is the use of computers to design products (SPs) related to graphics, images, fine art, movies …

What is Designer

The graphic design industry has a very wide application. Therefore, designers are easy to find different tools and software to complete their work. People who use digital tools to write and design products on a computer are called graphic designers. The designer works in a variety of ways: logo design, advertising, magazine cover art, web design, photo retouching, photo retouching etc. They use a variety of materials, from pictures, animation, video, music, sound effects, images … The products are also very diverse: clip, website, magazine cover, poster, trailer (video clip) …

2.The “ego” is too big!

However, “the ego” is one of the things that hinder designers in their work. Many designers put their ego or aesthetic taste into the product without regard to the purpose of the product or the needs of the customer. Many designers are very good but the ego is too big.

What businesses need is the products that fit the “culture” of the company, meeting the requirements of customers also attract the tastes of customers. To be successful in the corporate environment, designers really should be aware of this.

ego is too big

3.Unique graphic style

Many people still imagine that graphic design is a trendy job with high income, creative work. Yes, there are also many good designers. They are welcomed by many companies. However, in reality, not all time and any “digital painter” is successful. Demand for human resources in the graphics industry in the country is great but professionalism is still a long story.

A graphic designer of a big company commented, “Graphic design is still in its infancy and has not really made its mark or style. There are a lot of designers right now, but it’s easy to see copied products from other ideas, and truly original ones are rare.” Another famous designer agrees with this view. According to him, the current product is only about 30% -50% is self-concept; the rest is taken from the ideas available.

Unique graphic style

In recent years, customers and consumers have become increasingly demanding, they require higher quality products. This forces designers to constantly refresh themselves, increase creativity and explore new ideas. The general mentality of designers are that they want to create unique products, high aesthetics … However, when they go to work, they are constrained by the ideas and requirements of customers so they gradually feel bored and tired (when creating something). This is a problem and also a contradiction that many design professionals encounter. Not always in the head also full of creative ideas. Or when there are creative ideas, customers do not understand or not satisfied. Many times, the concept of “beautiful, creative” between customers and designers is different and customers are always the final decision. However, as the demand for advertising and visual communication is increasing, the perception of customers will also improve.

Unique graphic style

4.What to do to become a good designer?

a.Proficiency in software, specialized tools

To develop in graphic design, designers are required to understand the professional graphic design software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, MacroMedia Flash, Ulead Studio … In addition, in some cases we also need to add programs, languages in Web Design such as: htm, html, xlm, css, FontPage, Dreamwaver … Besides the above software tools, knowledge of production process (marketing, printing, trailer …) is an advantage. This is the specialized knowledge that every designer needs and should equip themselves.

Creative ideas can make up 60% of the work’s success. The remaining 40% is in skill, ability to use and combine different tools and software.

Proficiency in software specialized tools

b.Brand knowledge and brand identity

Businesses are interested in brand development. Companies tend to use their own brand identifiers. The person who makes a difference in building a public identity for a company is the designer. Brand knowledge, brand identity design is an advantage for the designer to be the target of the “hunter” of companies.

Brand knowledge and brand identity

c.Talented, creative and constantly learning!

This is indispensable of the professional designer. Software can learn but design capabilities are difficult to learn and manipulate. Talents play an important role. It is the sensitivity to color, lines, shapes, symbolic thinking, and emotional, cultural knowledge. In addition, you have to be creative, always looking for new, constantly learning, updating new knowledge / trends / new style … So, your products are attractive to many people.

Talented creative and constantly learning

d.Ability to work independently and in groups

Designer usually works independently. Small companies can only need one designer. Big companies or big projects can have a design team and you will have to work with many other people as well as related departments such as copywriters, advertising department, department marketing, printing … Therefore, adapting to the working environment will help you become more professional in the eyes of others.

Ability to work independently and in groups


design school

Today, there are many schools as well as graphic design centers. Look to these places to choose your own design course that you like. Note: Choose the one that suits your level.

In addition, learning from the experience of those around you (designers near you), colleagues, learning from different sources such as the Internet, books, magazines, forums … are all very good learning methods.

How Does Graphic Design Affect Your Business

Small businesses always face fierce competition in the business environment. They constantly have to think of strategies to counter the marketing plans of competitors. In their efforts to capture market share for the development of business.

Graphic designers are professionals who create business cards, flyers, logos, leaflets, web pages, product-specific images, and other marketing products. Business owners can use these items to PR, attract customers and make an impact on the market.

In today’s article, I will introduce to you 3 very important elements of graphic design that will bring good effect to your business.

graphic design

1.Graphic design makes your business easy to identify.

Your small business can be in the early stages of development (a star-up company). At this stage, it needs the support of impressive marketing tools such as a professional logo design and business cards.A graphic designer understands the importance of these items to further refine your business.If the image transmits a good business message, it helps the business bring an impressive identity towards the target group of customers.

For example, your logo design will become the identity of your business. A professional logo is always one of the things to remember, every time a customer watches it.Likewise, a well-designed business card not only introduces your company to the customer but also leaves a lasting impression.

With design elements such as colors, fonts, and spaces combined carefully, promotional files can enhance business efficiencies.

Graphic design makes your business easy to identify

2.Graphic design helps you convey the brand message.

Designing a business image is very important to the development of the company. While you must know clearly about the message in a clear language, the problem with many businesses is how to communicate it effectively.

In fact, communicating with people through graphic design is an art where designers are masters. They use elements such as fonts and colors that symbolize the history and business of a company. When a target customer sees a logo or any other graphic design, they will recognize the company right away.

For example, color has a meaning for the viewer. Red gives the message of energy, love, etc.,green is the color of development, youth and health; pink represents women, love, purple is the color of royalty and blue is used for social, intellectual and love activities.Likewise, combining strategy in fonts, spatial elements helps to spread your business message in the target market.

Graphic design helps you convey the brand message

3.Graphic design helps you build new markets.

With the help of graphic designers, small businesses can attract new customers and target markets. This goal can be achieved in several ways. For example, designers can create prototypes of products to test the product’s consumption in new markets.In creating design products, designers keep in touch with regular customers. They also help generate new ideas related to the presentation of products on the market.

The designer may know how to design the product or its packaging for your new target market. Therefore, graphic designers create different products for local and global market. They will research your market before they create a logo, brochure, business card, etc.For example, there are two stores selling the same take-away coffee, the same coffee and the same price. However, shops with cups designed more impressive always have more customers than the rest.

Graphic design helps you build new markets


To conclude, we can say that small businesses will be greatly influenced by graphic designers to impress consumers. This will help in developing business in the long run.Sometimes, it’s just a small design product, but it’s impressive and helps you get the results out of your imagination.