3D Graphics And Games

3-D is actually an acronym for 3-Dimension. The 3-D technique that is commonly used today is often associated with the concept of "3D graphics" - images that are created in a realistic way with the help of soft computer graphics. This technique was first introduced on screen in 1995 with Walt Disney - Toy Story.

1.What is 3D Graphic?

"3D graphics" - images are created in a realistic way with the help of computer graphics software. Includes software (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, Unity. 3D graphics are the use of software tools in the computer that make up objects such as the environment, characters, industry simulation systems, projects previewed. Before the construction, the artwork is simulated in computer.

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2.3D Game Design:

Character and environment design, motion, character animation and 3D game environments, thereby creating the environment and characters in the game that best fits the game developers’ thought. In the team, the 3D Artist team will work under the leadership of art director or game developer.

Some of the most successful graphics games are Warface, Blade and Soul or Happy Wheels. Only with the basic knowledge of graphics accumulated in the learning process, you can design yourself a simple game with high application and graphic design like Happy Wheels.

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You start by learning game principals and techniques. Through the program you have the opportunity to find out what role you thrive most in and where you believe your niche is. Finally, at the end of the program you will get the opportunity to create your own game prototype.

3.Level Design and Scripting

Level design is about creating playable levels and surroundings. It combines game concept and technical skills along with architecture, nature and art.

The students will gain knowledge about the basic working methods of scripting. Scripting sets the groundwork for gameplay, which includes AI and game character framework.

Students receive a thorough introduction to the game engine, Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is one of the best tools on the market for game development.

4.Gaming Industry and Development

This part of the program provides insight into the history of the gaming industry. The gaming industry has evolved from the first squares slowly bouncing back and forth on a screen, to today’s futuristic portrayals.

3D cartoon design Similar to 3d game design but 3D cartoon design is the character design and environment for the movie. To design 3D animations, the artist has to go through many stages, from sketching, sketching, to rendering, materializing, biting, acting, etc. 3D environment. Some of the highlights are 3D, such as Shrek, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Happy Feet, Surf's Up ... or most recently Wall-E and Up.

Design Visual Effects (VFX) 3D Considered to be the fastest growing industry in the film industry, 3D Imaging Design is a perfect choice for young people who want to do exciting, creative, high salary, opportunity for promotion. With this industry, you will be designing effects, 3D effects to replace real scenes, with the purpose of animating the footage, and reducing the maximum cost of film production.

Career opportunities and salary levels for the 3D design industry. With expertise and practical skills, the 3D design industry will open up diverse employment opportunities: Game design, character creation, 2D environment, and 3D Character design, create 3D animated environment effects Post-production design and cinematography Sound design, lighting, interactive graphics advertising design, branding for the business Design publications, books, magazines, Photography, image processing Creative director, etc.