3D Graphics And Games

3-D is actually an acronym for 3-Dimension. The 3-D technique that is commonly used today is often associated with the concept of "3D graphics" - images that are created in a realistic way with the help of soft computer graphics. This technique was first introduced on screen in 1995 with Walt Disney - Toy Story.

1.What is 3D Graphic?

"3D graphics" - images are created in a realistic way with the help of computer graphics software. Includes software (Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Autodesk3ds Max, and Autodesk Maya, Adobe Photoshop, Zbrush, Unity. 3D graphics are the use of software tools in the computer that make up objects such as the environment, characters, industry simulation systems, projects previewed. Before the construction, the artwork is simulated in computer.

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2.3D Game Design:

Character and environment design, motion, character animation and 3D game environments, thereby creating the environment and characters in the game that best fits the game developers’ thought. In the team, the 3D Artist team will work under the leadership of art director or game developer.

Some of the most successful graphics games are Warface, Blade and Soul or Happy Wheels. Only with the basic knowledge of graphics accumulated in the learning process, you can design yourself a simple game with high application and graphic design like Happy Wheels.

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You start by learning game principals and techniques. Through the program you have the opportunity to find out what role you thrive most in and where you believe your niche is. Finally, at the end of the program you will get the opportunity to create your own game prototype.

3.Level Design and Scripting

Level design is about creating playable levels and surroundings. It combines game concept and technical skills along with architecture, nature and art.

The students will gain knowledge about the basic working methods of scripting. Scripting sets the groundwork for gameplay, which includes AI and game character framework.

Students receive a thorough introduction to the game engine, Unreal Engine. Unreal Engine is one of the best tools on the market for game development.

4.Gaming Industry and Development

This part of the program provides insight into the history of the gaming industry. The gaming industry has evolved from the first squares slowly bouncing back and forth on a screen, to today’s futuristic portrayals.

3D cartoon design Similar to 3d game design but 3D cartoon design is the character design and environment for the movie. To design 3D animations, the artist has to go through many stages, from sketching, sketching, to rendering, materializing, biting, acting, etc. 3D environment. Some of the highlights are 3D, such as Shrek, Finding Nemo, The Incredibles, Happy Feet, Surf's Up ... or most recently Wall-E and Up.

Design Visual Effects (VFX) 3D Considered to be the fastest growing industry in the film industry, 3D Imaging Design is a perfect choice for young people who want to do exciting, creative, high salary, opportunity for promotion. With this industry, you will be designing effects, 3D effects to replace real scenes, with the purpose of animating the footage, and reducing the maximum cost of film production.

Career opportunities and salary levels for the 3D design industry. With expertise and practical skills, the 3D design industry will open up diverse employment opportunities: Game design, character creation, 2D environment, and 3D Character design, create 3D animated environment effects Post-production design and cinematography Sound design, lighting, interactive graphics advertising design, branding for the business Design publications, books, magazines, Photography, image processing Creative director, etc.

Mardis Gras Graphics

If you are looking for help for creating a style and fabulous party invitations, cards, or other project, these free Mardi Gras Clip art images are the best choices. They bring for you many kinds of selection such as printable masks, coloring pages, jesters or so on. Of course all the Mardi Gras clip art images below are free for every one who use it for individual purpose. But if you want to use for your business, you have to check with personal website.

1.Clipart Panda’s free Mardi Gras Clip Art:

You can see about one hundred of Mardi Gras clip art Panda are all on a only one page. Most of them are masks, some others are clip art or even animated GIFs that you just choose the Download button to save at the download page. That is very easy, right.


2.Free Mardi Clip art and Borders at Clipart Library:

There are more than fifty free Mardi Gras clip art image and borders for you to use in any purpose. They are word art, masks, jesters, or colorful page borders. It is very easy to use and download them by clicking on thumbnail where you can also view the file type and size.

3.Free Mardi Gras Clip Art at Free Clip Art Store:

In this store, you can feel your life better with about fifteen colorful and lovely masks, party goers and other festive images. Can not be easier, you just need to right-click the photo and choose to save it.

4.Free Mardi Gras Clip Art at Free Clipart Pictures:

It is quite simple for you to choose in ten Mardi Gras clip art images. But they are really unique and suitable for many projects. Specifically they are people, some of them are mask and even dinosaur. And you can not make them any larger, just right-click to save it.

5.Free Mardi Gras Clip Art at Clipart.co:

You can find more than ten Mardi Gras Clip art images at clipart.co such as borders, masks and some statistics about particular image like the number of view, download count, the file type and size.

6.Lee Hansen Graphics’ Free Mardi Gras Clip Art:

There are not many options for you here but if you really enjoy, they must be the best choice. You will find some kinds of masks, skulls, jessters and the party king here and just need to click through the image to give the full size version to save.

7.Hellas Multimedia’s Free Mardi Gras Clip Art:

There are plenty of animated and non-animated variations of free Mardi Gras clip art here like masks and horns. And you can download them very easy.

Mardi Gras New Orleans:

This is a month-long Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans that many people mistakenly think it lasts only one day. They call it the Mardi Gras Season leading up to Fat Tuesday. Why is Fat Tuesday? Because the last day of the festival takes place on Tuesday.

During the festive season, there are many parades taking place around the neighborhood. Each parade will be made by a Krewe and each Krewe will have a separate theme. If Krewe Cleopatra was a women's parade, Krewe Sparta was a men's parade.

Every Krewe would have a throw and they would throw away things like toys, jewelery, beads, and coins. Come to this festival, you will enjoy the colorful performances of the costumes and costumes of the artists, while also enjoying the festive atmosphere with excellent sound quality. The parade takes place on the streets, so you just have to step out of your home or shop to get ready for the ceremony.

Also, if you are traveling with children, be sure to look for a safe place for your family and have a view that you can enjoy the great atmosphere of the festival.

Which Of The Following Is Not True About Graphic Design?

No one is perfect. An idea or concept can be flawless. But in the process, there will always be mistakes. Similar to the case of graphic designers, who strive for perfection but rarely achieve it in their endeavors. But the truth is ... if you do not make mistakes, how do you get experience? Oscar Wilde said, "Experience is the name of what is born of your mistakes." Especially when you start working as a newbie designer, the fear in graphic design is endless. But as you grow in a field and experience real life, you learn from your mistakes. In today's article, I will share with you about which Of The Following Is Not True About Graphic Design?

1.Deviate from goal

You have a website, this site is extremely eye-catching. But it does not focus and creates the highlight of its products and services. Ignore how amazing it appears, it will diverge from the beginning if it is not realistic. Even in the development of brand identity systems, there are a number of logo designs that stand out from the first sight, but fail to meet the requirements of customers because they lack quality. These designs are usually unique when you glance at them. However, if you pay close attention, you will realize that they do not have a clear message. With such logo designs, we see that they have no special content and this design is deviated from the goal.

2.Creation of recklessness

When you abuse things excessively, you will cause the opposite effect. You also look at different designs and creative artworks, but they are not effective. That's because it turns everything into a mess. Same in the case of creation. Sometimes, graphic designers make the mistake of overusing their own reckless creativity. During the design process, they added many elements and ruined the beauty of the design. Whether you do it to explain the core purpose of your design, it will still create confusion and make viewers feel uncomfortable.

3.Satisfy individual hobby

If you think your design needs to look good in Portfolio rather than to make customers happy, it's time to think again. Forms of "selfish designer" rarely affect their customers without extending their work time. When you design just for the purpose of building your portfolio, you will completely get lost out of the purpose that customers set. You can not sacrifice the successful business goals of your customers in exchange for the impression of your Graphic Design Portfolio.


4.Too dependent on inspiration

In the most graphic design efforts, designers are often looking for inspiration for ideas. This can be done with the help of online resources, design books, or discussions with people in the creative community. Sometimes, designers are contradicted by their own ideas due to exposure to too many different sources of opinion. This happens when you rely too much on inspiration to get ideas rather than use your creative instincts. It also degrades your uniqueness and ability to work independently.

5.Publicly negative feedback

The job of a Graphic Designer is to receive customer feedback and build a meaningful image. That will be perfect when you follow exactly the brief idea about the desired design of the customer. One of Designers biggest fears is getting negative publicity about their design. When you design a logo, make sure it can convey the message that the customer requested. If you make mistakes and get negative feedback from the community, it's really bad.


No job in the world avoids risk and worries about failure. You must be ready to face the shocks and failures of your way. Instead of crying like a child, you should learn from your mistakes and prepare for future challenges.

Predictions For Design Trends In 2018

In the digital era, graphic design trends can evaporate as quickly as they appear. What you think is modern in the past few years may look completely outdated by 2018. While some trends are always present over time, others disappear very quickly because they are replaced by new and modern ones. Here are the design trends that we expect to take the throne in 2018.


1.The effect "Glitch"

Broken image (flash effect), has been one of the most popular trends in the digital world lately. Obviously, the fans of horror movies are familiar with these effects. 2018 is the year when broken images will become a graphic design trend.

2.The effect "Ruined"

In my opinion, graphic designers in today's era are obsessed with "art of destruction". Everything includes splashing, ripping off, breaking or any form of destructive aesthetics of a design that is considered "modern" by 2018.

3.The "Color Channels"

Color Channels have been widely used by designers. This technique allows designers to create fantastic illusion effects. Watches, hallucinations, etc. all have a big impact on viewers, making "Color Channels" one of the leading graphic design trends in 2018.

4.“Holography” is slipping

Three-dimensional design trends, which have been a great success for many years, are falling apart from other future trends. Although it's still glamorous, we'll see fewer hologram designs by 2018.

5.Year of the “Double” - Double Exposure

We can be confident that 2018 will be the "Double" year. Double Exposure has existed for many years. Although some designers have put this technology aside for a while, we certainly have seen a lot of double exposure designs that are astonishing to the viewer. Here are some great examples (image).

6.Double Exposure Duotone

This trend is a combination of Double Exposure and Duotone, plus Color Channels. In summary, Double Exposure Duotone is created by doubling the image or using two overlapping images in monochrome. In this way, designers will create an "ahead-of-its-time" effect.


7.Double Light

Another "double" effect in the trend of graphic design in 2018 is the double color. This effect transforms simple designs into new, modern shades. Double Light is an effect that can be achieved with two real light sources, or by dividing the color channel. Here are some examples of trends (image).

8.Say goodbye to the classic Duotone style

Duotone turning into Double exposure duotone will be a big trend next year. However, we will see less traditional duotone, it has been one of the hottest trends in the past year.

II.Fonts, colors, spaces, illustrations

1.Typography - Creative font

Creative fonts are one of the trends for graphic design in 2018. This trend has been around for a long time and has never been a sign of dying. When we talk about this technique, imagination is your strongest asset. Typographic creativity can be combined with other techniques or used only in the design. The example below will show you some creative fonts (image).

2.Cropped Typography

This is considered one of the top trends for 2017. It seems that with the trend of graphic design in 2018, it will turn into a mixed font.

3.Typography as real elements

The trend of modern graphic design is interactive fonts with other elements of design. The result is that letters turn into real objects. Check out the great examples below.

4.Negative space - A positive trend

We named "negative space" is a positive trend because negative and positive mutual attraction in physics, but because in the visual space aesthetic techniques bring quite positive emotions.

In its negative space, negative space is the "empty space" in the design that forms a special shape. This technique is one of the most popular techniques lately and it still holds the top spot.

5.Negative Space in Typography

Obviously, modern trends are a mixture of negative space and typography. The fairly common thing about it, is that the elements from behind come to the front through the words. This is another type of interaction between typography and parts of composition.

6.Bright Color - Colorful 3D Substance

Bright colors plus 3D technology is an absolute winning combination for 2018. With so many trending graphic designs fighting for the top spots in 2018, bright colors will surely stand on the top of the ranking charts.In my opinion, this is one of the strongest graphic design trends of 2018. We also bet that it will be one of the 2019 graphic design trends. Check out some examples below.

7.One Color 3D Design

Recently, we have been seeing more and more product presentations using the same background color as the product presentation. "Highlight" by 3D technology. It really looks pretty attractive and beautiful.

8.Metal elements

As a complement to the bright colors, metal elements step into the world of graphic design to create the "Wow" effect. Often associated with other hot trends such as 3D creation and creative typography, this trend brings the effect of reality.

9.Forward Color / Gradient

When Instagram changes its logo color in 2016 into a colorful gradient, no one thinks this trend will be big. That is just the beginning of its rise. Today, this is one of the most powerful color trends on the planet, we can see it everywhere but never boring because we can "process" with it a lot, even with the same color code you can still make a difference.

10.The colors are in the style of Flat and Material

Both these trends rule the digital world for a long time but now it has gone through the peak. However, we will continue to see both trends in web design and applications emphasizing simple features and interfaces to create a better user experience.

11.Artistic illustrations - Hand paint

Hand-painted illustrations are always on the popular wave. Each design is a work of art created with a lot of talent and imagination. This is why illustrations are never outdated. When it comes to graphic design, illustration always brings a unique feel to the design. In 2018, illustrations were presented and combined with other graphic design trends such as negative space, 3d structure, "double" trend and more.

12.Illustrated on the photo

An interesting trend for 2018 is to combine photos with digital drawings. This technique increases the effect of the photograph and makes the design more sharp. For the brand, the common image search too boring, this is the right trend!

13.Illustration on paper

One of the latest 2018 graphic design trends is paper illustrations. Inspired by the art of cutting paper in real life, this trend is growing rapidly. Paper illustrated drawings are made of different layers of paper, which means that depth and texture are required elements.


So we have gone through all the trends that I "predict" it will become a new trend in 2018. I hope that you can update your design skills to adapt to these newdesign trends

How To Be A Good Designer

Many people still imagine that graphic design is a trendy job with high income, creative work. This is considered a career with the dream income because the demand of the market is still very "thirsty."

In addition, with the style of working on the computer, in the office (air conditioner), or even the designers do not need a fixed place; they can still go to the coffee shop to work. The very cool elements that made the designer become a very HOT career today.

1.What is Designer?

To this day, there is no precise and complete definition of the graphic design - the job "Picasso" in the digital realm. It can be said that graphic design is the use of computers to design products (SPs) related to graphics, images, fine art, movies ...

The graphic design industry has a very wide application. Therefore, designers are easy to find different tools and software to complete their work. People who use digital tools to write and design products on a computer are called graphic designers. The designer works in a variety of ways: logo design, advertising, magazine cover art, web design, photo retouching, photo retouching etc. They use a variety of materials, from pictures, animation, video, music, sound effects, images ... The products are also very diverse: clip, website, magazine cover, poster, trailer (video clip) ...

2.The “ego” is too big!

However, “the ego" is one of the things that hinder designers in their work. Many designers put their ego or aesthetic taste into the product without regard to the purpose of the product or the needs of the customer. Many designers are very good but the ego is too big.

What businesses need is the products that fit the "culture" of the company, meeting the requirements of customers also attract the tastes of customers. To be successful in the corporate environment, designers really should be aware of this.

3.Unique graphic style

Many people still imagine that graphic design is a trendy job with high income, creative work. Yes, there are also many good designers. They are welcomed by many companies. However, in reality, not all time and any “digital painter” is successful. Demand for human resources in the graphics industry in the country is great but professionalism is still a long story.

A graphic designer of a big company commented, "Graphic design is still in its infancy and has not really made its mark or style. There are a lot of designers right now, but it's easy to see copied products from other ideas, and truly original ones are rare." Another famous designer agrees with this view. According to him, the current product is only about 30% -50% is self-concept; the rest is taken from the ideas available.

In recent years, customers and consumers have become increasingly demanding, they require higher quality products. This forces designers to constantly refresh themselves, increase creativity and explore new ideas. The general mentality of designers are that they want to create unique products, high aesthetics ... However, when they go to work, they are constrained by the ideas and requirements of customers so they gradually feel bored and tired (when creating something). This is a problem and also a contradiction that many design professionals encounter. Not always in the head also full of creative ideas. Or when there are creative ideas, customers do not understand or not satisfied. Many times, the concept of "beautiful, creative" between customers and designers is different and customers are always the final decision. However, as the demand for advertising and visual communication is increasing, the perception of customers will also improve.

4.What to do to become a good designer?

a.Proficiency in software, specialized tools

To develop in graphic design, designers are required to understand the professional graphic design software such as Corel Draw, Photoshop, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, MacroMedia Flash, Ulead Studio ... In addition, in some cases we also need to add programs, languages in Web Design such as: htm, html, xlm, css, FontPage, Dreamwaver ... Besides the above software tools, knowledge of production process (marketing, printing, trailer ...) is an advantage. This is the specialized knowledge that every designer needs and should equip themselves.

Creative ideas can make up 60% of the work's success. The remaining 40% is in skill, ability to use and combine different tools and software.

b.Brand knowledge and brand identity

Businesses are interested in brand development. Companies tend to use their own brand identifiers. The person who makes a difference in building a public identity for a company is the designer. Brand knowledge, brand identity design is an advantage for the designer to be the target of the "hunter" of companies.

c.Talented, creative and constantly learning!

This is indispensable of the professional designer. Software can learn but design capabilities are difficult to learn and manipulate. Talents play an important role. It is the sensitivity to color, lines, shapes, symbolic thinking, and emotional, cultural knowledge. In addition, you have to be creative, always looking for new, constantly learning, updating new knowledge / trends / new style ... So, your products are attractive to many people.

d.Ability to work independently and in groups

Designer usually works independently. Small companies can only need one designer. Big companies or big projects can have a design team and you will have to work with many other people as well as related departments such as copywriters, advertising department, department marketing, printing ... Therefore, adapting to the working environment will help you become more professional in the eyes of others.


Today, there are many schools as well as graphic design centers. Look to these places to choose your own design course that you like. Note: Choose the one that suits your level.

In addition, learning from the experience of those around you (designers near you), colleagues, learning from different sources such as the Internet, books, magazines, forums ... are all very good learning methods.