Which Of The Following Is Not True About Graphic Design?

No one is perfect. An idea or concept can be flawless. But in the process, there will always be mistakes. Similar to the case of graphic designers, who strive for perfection but rarely achieve it in their endeavors. But the truth is ... if you do not make mistakes, how do you get experience? Oscar Wilde said, "Experience is the name of what is born of your mistakes." Especially when you start working as a newbie designer, the fear in graphic design is endless. But as you grow in a field and experience real life, you learn from your mistakes. In today's article, I will share with you about which Of The Following Is Not True About Graphic Design?

1.Deviate from goal

You have a website, this site is extremely eye-catching. But it does not focus and creates the highlight of its products and services. Ignore how amazing it appears, it will diverge from the beginning if it is not realistic. Even in the development of brand identity systems, there are a number of logo designs that stand out from the first sight, but fail to meet the requirements of customers because they lack quality. These designs are usually unique when you glance at them. However, if you pay close attention, you will realize that they do not have a clear message. With such logo designs, we see that they have no special content and this design is deviated from the goal.

2.Creation of recklessness

When you abuse things excessively, you will cause the opposite effect. You also look at different designs and creative artworks, but they are not effective. That's because it turns everything into a mess. Same in the case of creation. Sometimes, graphic designers make the mistake of overusing their own reckless creativity. During the design process, they added many elements and ruined the beauty of the design. Whether you do it to explain the core purpose of your design, it will still create confusion and make viewers feel uncomfortable.

3.Satisfy individual hobby

If you think your design needs to look good in Portfolio rather than to make customers happy, it's time to think again. Forms of "selfish designer" rarely affect their customers without extending their work time. When you design just for the purpose of building your portfolio, you will completely get lost out of the purpose that customers set. You can not sacrifice the successful business goals of your customers in exchange for the impression of your Graphic Design Portfolio.


4.Too dependent on inspiration

In the most graphic design efforts, designers are often looking for inspiration for ideas. This can be done with the help of online resources, design books, or discussions with people in the creative community. Sometimes, designers are contradicted by their own ideas due to exposure to too many different sources of opinion. This happens when you rely too much on inspiration to get ideas rather than use your creative instincts. It also degrades your uniqueness and ability to work independently.

5.Publicly negative feedback

The job of a Graphic Designer is to receive customer feedback and build a meaningful image. That will be perfect when you follow exactly the brief idea about the desired design of the customer. One of Designers biggest fears is getting negative publicity about their design. When you design a logo, make sure it can convey the message that the customer requested. If you make mistakes and get negative feedback from the community, it's really bad.


No job in the world avoids risk and worries about failure. You must be ready to face the shocks and failures of your way. Instead of crying like a child, you should learn from your mistakes and prepare for future challenges.